Sunday, September 16, 2012

Working Out The Core

I purchased a new book for my interior library, Good Bones, Great Pieces by Suzanne & Lauren McGrath. Through beautiful images, this mother/ daughter design duo (say that three times fast) created a wonderful book highlighting 7 core furniture pieces that will carry through every style.

With all the changing and reinventing going on in the design industry, this book is extremely helpful for  both beginners and experience designers. It is important to look for and invest in furniture pieces that can stay with you through it all, even if it means digging a little deeper into your wallet.  A wise man once said ,"Buy the best and you'll only cry once." The goal is to find pieces that are so timeless, chic and flexible, that you'll always find a place for them.

I just LOVE what was written on the dedication page in the book....

....well done Kaye, you are one classy lady!

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