Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Bright Lights Will Inspire You..."

I feel like it has been forever since I wrote on this blog and according to the date of my last post.... it's been a long couple of months. I was able to squeeze in a little vacation to the east coast with my partner in crime before summer ends. We have family in New York, Baltimore and Washington DC, so we seized the opportunity to visit love ones and found time for a little sight seeing ;) 

I am the type of traveler that does a lot of research before a vacation and has a "to do" list before we ever reach the city. My husband makes fun of my punch lists and schedule, he jokes that my German side really shines when we travel. But, nothing irritates me more than eating at a national chain restaurant like Chili's because you are starving and don't know what cool hip cafe is near. Nothing against Chili's, but part of traveling is experiencing the city like a "local" so yes, the German side of me relies heavily on UrbanSpoon.

We flew into New York and out of Washington DC,  here is my German punch list in a nutshell...

1. Eat the largest NY pizza I could find 

 2. Say hi to David Letterman: I read that he likes to keep the studio at 65 degrees so it was freezing! Luckily this German was prepared!

3. Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien - order the prosciutto tartine

 4. ABC home : make sure to see all three levels & eat at the cafe in the back

5. Fish Eddy's : fun dishware and across the street from ABC Home

6. The Highline : an old railroad track converted into a public walkway and garden. Often skipped by tourist, but enjoyed thoroughly by locals.

 7. Best NY Cheese cake from Juniors Bakery : Order the Chocolate Mouse Cheese Cake

 8. Central Park : Shout Out to Mr. Lennon

9. Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn : hipster chocolate shop started by two hipster brothers. Each bar is individually wrapped in hipster paper. Side Note: Brooklyn has better and more affordable hipster shopping than SoHo.

10. Hells Kitchen Flea Market: visit NY over a weekend so you can hit up one of the many flea markets on Saturdays & Sundays. If you go during the summer you can hit up one of the many free concerts in Central Park. Also visit Chelsea Market for the best food ever!

 10. Hangout with these guys : need I say more?!

11. Devour Baltimore Crab: my brother-in-law grew up in Baltimore so he knew the best hole-in-the-wall crab shack.

12. Visit the monuments in D. C

 13. Especially the most recently constructed - The M. L. King

14. Georgetown Cupcakes : I don't even really like cupcakes, but the Salty Carmel was heavenly

 These were just a few of the things on my punch list. Anyone want to travel with me yet?


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