Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AWD Website

Guess What?! AWD went legit with a new logo and website!

It was my goal this year to create a website and take decent photos of myself / projects. Thank you to all the talented individuals that helped me accomplish just that.

My brother in law designed this trademark. I blogged about my mood board for the company and this is what he came up with. If you look very close you will notice the combination of  A, W & D :) 

I love custom websites but they can be pricey and take A LOT of time. While researching, I stumbled upon Big Folio which provides website templates and hosting. If you are on the market for a website, I highly highly recommend these folks! 

I was able to do a trail run of my favorite template (Burlington) before purchasing. Creating the website is similar to creating a blog; upload your images, change colors and create pages. Really simple! What could have taken months took me two weeks. Now I can call myself official!


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