Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stripe Confession

My name is Ashley Winn and I am a stripe-a-holic. I realized it was time to confess when I looked at my outfit - a striped shirt with a striped skirt, striped Toms and a striped tote on my shoulder. I went the entire day looking like a striped candy cane. Where was my intervention?!

Personally I feel that stripes will never go out of style - just don't make my mistake and wear all your striped items at once. Here are some great striped items to feed my addiction...

Striped Basket @ The Container Store 

Striped Wool Blankets @ Branch 

Stripe Hook @ Anthropologie

Stripe Throw Pillow @ Antrhopologie
Stripe Skirt @ Madwell
Striped Heels @ Madwell
Striped Tote @ Madwell
Striped Swimsuit @ JCrew
Striped Ipad Case @ Madewell

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