Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Flip...

I thought you might be interested my design process for this flip...

My first design decision was adding black shutters to accentuate all the windows (which are a huge selling point) and brake up all the horizontal lines. I got rid of the outdated screen door and painted the door black to coordinate with the shutters.

I am a huge fan of painting front doors a fun color, however, on flip homes I stay with white, black or gray. Boring - I know - but you don't want to scare off a buyer before they even enter the home. Lastly, we shape up the landscape for curb appeal and a great first impression. 

I love working on flip homes because you never know what to expect - like mustard vinyl counter tops and an awesome shower curtain!

My job is to look beyond the clutter, wood paneling, popcorn ceilings, etc. and focus on the home's potential. 

Before I start designing, I walk through the home and take a lot of pictures. I like to let the style of the home and neighborhood dictate my design choices. For this 70's home I went with contemporary clean lines and horizontal tiles.

Lastly, we eliminated the wall between the dining room and kitchen to open up the space. I placed the kitchen sink in the island so whom ever does the dishes can look out the sliding glass doors.

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