Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting down and dirty

Right now I am in the "getting down and dirty" stage in a few of my homes.This means we are in the demolition process and cleaning house - literally.  One of my flips was previous owned by someone who had to be nothing short of fabulous!

This Hollywood glam wallpaper was everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Did I mention there was a sauna / hot tub in the basement?! I mean I love this person, whomever they are, did not spare any expense for luxury. Sadly we had to rip it out :(

My next home is scheduled to be complete by the end of this month - cross your fingers.

When we took a hammer to this bookshelf, we discovered a fireplace hidden behind it. I love the demolition stage, you never know what you are going to find.

This is one of my other homes that deserves it own post. I feel in love at first sight and I am sure you can see why. It is so charming! Anyway, it got a new roof last week. I begged and begged for wood shingles, but it is very pricey and there are other areas of the home that need a little more TLC.

Last, but not least, this beauty showed up today. I purchased it from CB2 for my husband's new office. We are still in design mode, but it should serve well for a conference table.

That is my hard working husband in the back. He built the shelving unit. I love him to death!

I guess you could say things have been busy over here.

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