Monday, December 3, 2012

Sundance Before & After

I finished my client's Sundance Cabin just before the first snowfall. It was down to the wire, but thanks to Magleby Construction and my great team, we were able to pull it off just in time. I thought it would be fun to post before and afters so you can see the progress. And you always are welcome to visit Ashley Winn Design for more detail shots.

 Once again, thank you Charlotte Beck for the beautiful photography!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mountain Fall Wedding

I have been so excited to share these pictures! This is my favorite time of year, the colors during late fall blend softly together creating the perfect back drop for an inspiration shoot. Charlotte Beck Photography did such an amazing job...and it didn't hurt that Kelli, our model,  is absolutely gorgeous!

We chose the McPollin Family farm in Park City for the location and I wanted to reflect its' simple, rustic traits in the design. The wood plank down the table was my jumping off point, creating depth and interest to the table scape. I love eclectic design and have no problem mixing my metals. The mercury sliver and gold candle holders, coupled with vintage flatware, add a touch elegance. Lastly the coral floral arrangements compliment the bride's striking coral lips for that extra element of pop.

A huge thank you for all the team players that shared their time and talent!

Photography: Charlotte Beck of Charlotte Beck Photography
Flowers: Heather Irving of Blue Lily Floral Design  (
Event Design: Ashley Winn of Ashley Winn Design (
Bride: Kelli McCormick 
Invitations: Aly Cain Sharette
Hair: Brittany Evans of  Dexterity Salon (
Dress: Alta Moda Bridal Boutique  (
Makeup: Janelle Corey (
Cake: Rainy Porter of My Home Bakery (
Reception Location: The McPolin Farm in Park City

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Golden State of Mind

I am from Utah and my husband is from California. I prefer the mountains, he prefers the beach. When we met and fell in love, we were both in California and I accepted the fact that I my kids would be surfers and not snowboarders. But life took us to here, amongst the beautiful fall leaves. And although he talks of the day we will move back in the Golden state, we both know it does not get more golden than this. I tell him that I am a Utah girl through and through. He replies "you can take the boy out of L.A, but can't take the L.A out of the boy"...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aye Aye Captain

Right now I have a slight (ok HUGE) obsession for the Captain's Mirror. In my dream world - first comes home, then comes bathroom, then comes Captain's Mirror (in the baby carriage). My previous post talked about investment pieces that will stay with you through out it all. For me, this mirror is just that and I am saving up my pennies.


While browsing the internest I found these...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Working Out The Core

I purchased a new book for my interior library, Good Bones, Great Pieces by Suzanne & Lauren McGrath. Through beautiful images, this mother/ daughter design duo (say that three times fast) created a wonderful book highlighting 7 core furniture pieces that will carry through every style.

With all the changing and reinventing going on in the design industry, this book is extremely helpful for  both beginners and experience designers. It is important to look for and invest in furniture pieces that can stay with you through it all, even if it means digging a little deeper into your wallet.  A wise man once said ,"Buy the best and you'll only cry once." The goal is to find pieces that are so timeless, chic and flexible, that you'll always find a place for them.

I just LOVE what was written on the dedication page in the book....

....well done Kaye, you are one classy lady!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Bright Lights Will Inspire You..."

I feel like it has been forever since I wrote on this blog and according to the date of my last post.... it's been a long couple of months. I was able to squeeze in a little vacation to the east coast with my partner in crime before summer ends. We have family in New York, Baltimore and Washington DC, so we seized the opportunity to visit love ones and found time for a little sight seeing ;) 

I am the type of traveler that does a lot of research before a vacation and has a "to do" list before we ever reach the city. My husband makes fun of my punch lists and schedule, he jokes that my German side really shines when we travel. But, nothing irritates me more than eating at a national chain restaurant like Chili's because you are starving and don't know what cool hip cafe is near. Nothing against Chili's, but part of traveling is experiencing the city like a "local" so yes, the German side of me relies heavily on UrbanSpoon.

We flew into New York and out of Washington DC,  here is my German punch list in a nutshell...

1. Eat the largest NY pizza I could find 

 2. Say hi to David Letterman: I read that he likes to keep the studio at 65 degrees so it was freezing! Luckily this German was prepared!

3. Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien - order the prosciutto tartine

 4. ABC home : make sure to see all three levels & eat at the cafe in the back

5. Fish Eddy's : fun dishware and across the street from ABC Home

6. The Highline : an old railroad track converted into a public walkway and garden. Often skipped by tourist, but enjoyed thoroughly by locals.

 7. Best NY Cheese cake from Juniors Bakery : Order the Chocolate Mouse Cheese Cake

 8. Central Park : Shout Out to Mr. Lennon

9. Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn : hipster chocolate shop started by two hipster brothers. Each bar is individually wrapped in hipster paper. Side Note: Brooklyn has better and more affordable hipster shopping than SoHo.

10. Hells Kitchen Flea Market: visit NY over a weekend so you can hit up one of the many flea markets on Saturdays & Sundays. If you go during the summer you can hit up one of the many free concerts in Central Park. Also visit Chelsea Market for the best food ever!

 10. Hangout with these guys : need I say more?!

11. Devour Baltimore Crab: my brother-in-law grew up in Baltimore so he knew the best hole-in-the-wall crab shack.

12. Visit the monuments in D. C

 13. Especially the most recently constructed - The M. L. King

14. Georgetown Cupcakes : I don't even really like cupcakes, but the Salty Carmel was heavenly

 These were just a few of the things on my punch list. Anyone want to travel with me yet?



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