Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow - I Hope!

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, do yourself a favor and invest in some great outdoor furniture to welcome Spring. West Elm has some great outdoor furniture/accessories right now and I happy to help you make some selections.
Here are a few of my personal picks...

Montauk Nest Chair

Wire Lanterns

Mediterranean Lacquer Trays

Outdoor Grecian Block Pillows

Terracotta Painted Pillar Holders

Mediterranean Blue Glassware

A to the Z in Arizona

My husband and I spent the weekend in Arizona with some of our favorite peeps. It just so happened to be spring training for all the pro baseball teams and spring break for all the pro partiers. This is where we stayed, which was right down the street from The Giants' baseball field.
I loved the magnitude of these wood doors so I documented them. Here we are inside the doors. I am sporting what I refer to as my "Hot Dog on a Stick" shirt because someone once asked me if I worked there while wearing it. All I am missing is the hat. P.S I love my husband :)
This was the first of many restaurants we ate at. Culinary Dropout - don't you just love the name?! I indulged my senses in both food and design.

I just love the long leather tufted couch! Party for ...100?!

We eat at St. Francis right after Culinary Dropout - second dinner :) The interior sang to my heart and the food sang to my stomach.

Does my little eye spy exposed brick with swinging glass exterior doors?! Delightful!

On Friday we climbed to the top Camelback Mountain. There is nothing like a pile of rocks to make you realize how out of shape you are!

Which is why I took my big behind for some well deserved R&R at the Joya Spa. It cost me whatever limbs I had left after the climb.
Here we have the Purification Crystal. AAAhhh! You are suppose to place your hand on it to receive good vibes/engery. All I can say is that I felt good vibes the rest of the day so there might be something to this thing.
Here we have something else that brings good vibes :)

I did not do a great job of documenting the rest of my trip so your journey ends here. I apologize and promise to be a better tour guide next time.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Tea Is Good for You

Yesterday was St. Patty's Day, which was pretty much uneventful for me except for my design meeting with Riehl Events. The Park City/ Salt Lake City Bride & Groom photo shoot is coming up and we needed to hash out the details. This image is proof that we did so.

If you live in the Salt Lake area or heading my way, you must visit the Beehive Tea Room and order the Iced Green Chai Tea with soy milk. You can thank me later. There are only a few things I love more than drinking a chai tea (a.k.a HAPPINESS IN A CUP) from the Beehive Tea Room and talking design.

Heather (the cute blond avoiding the camera) is the RE floral designer and my friend since birth. Cate and Jacque (not photographed) were also at the meeting talking design talk.

I can't believe I am posting this picture of myself, probably to prove I wore green.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best $1 I Ever Spent

My wonderful husband and I had a romantic, cheap date at the Dollar Movies. Yes!! I really love love movies and I love love movies even more when they cost $1 .... it doesn't take much to keep this girl happy.

The Dollar Movies are great because if the movie was Oscar worthy, I feel like it was the best dollar I have ever spent. But if the movie was poor, I only spent a dollar, so I don't feel like I want the last two hours of my life back! However, I do want my dollar back!

On this particular romantic movie date I would have wanted my dollar back. I do not recommend THE DILEMMA with Vince Von! I apologize for readers that love Vince Von. My husband loves him, but I just don't get the humor. As I was saying I would have wanted my dollar back IF they did not showcase the fabulous loft Vince and Jennifer Connelly shared.

I tried to Google images of the loft as soon as I got home to share, but nothing could be found. Shame! So I had my husband download the entire movie so I could take this one screen shot. It does not do it justice, but trust me it is the perfect mix of contemporary and rustic vintage.

I love :)

For the People by the People

I came across this website via blog stocking and wanted to spread the word. Who doesn't love paper goods make with love?!

from the website:

For The People Project is part of a non-profit organization that employs recovering drug and alcohol addicts to individually hand paint and hand stamp its Hand Made Card and Journal lines. We not only provide a job for those working to overcome life controlling addictions, but we also teach life skills that our employees will use as they transition back into society following addiction rehabilitation.

For The People Project gives 100% of the profit from the sale of its products back to non-profit organizations that work with recovering drug and alcohol addicts. We partner with multiple organizations that share our vision to see men and women completely restored from addiction and we want to support their programs that are changing lives.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Student Spaces

A good friend asked if I would do a small design segment on student dorm rooms and how to make them more functional. This was aired last week on University of Utah's Newsbreak and you can watch below if you have the time to wait. I am new at Vimeo so I have no idea how to just play my segment, but I can tell you that I start at minute 3:00. Ha Ha! Oh and be kind - we are all on a learning curve. :)

Thank you Brittany and the University of Utah for the opportunity to share some tips!

Untitled from Newsbreakutah on Vimeo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spending the Afternoon with Galbraith & Paul

The time is now 3:56 pm, it was 1:00 pm when I started drooling over the wonderful textiles of Galbraith & Paul. Almost an entire Friday afternoon spent day dreaming of where and how I would use these fantastic patterns. This was a completely productive Friday afternoon! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Kid In Town

There is a new bridal magazine hitting the stands in Utah this Fall, Salt Lake / Park City Bride & Groom. Today I attended the Sneak Peak Party held at Pierpont Place and I am happy to report that the magazine will be a great resource for Utah brides!

I apologize for the lack of images, there were professional photographers at the event so took a couple of quick photos just for this post.

Riehl Events was asked to create a winter wedding table scape for the first issue, very exciting! Here is the conceptual design for the editorial. We will be shooting in April, so hang tight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taste The Rainbow

Bright, bold colors introduce personality and life into a room instantly. I will have you know that I am pro personality and pro life, so by all means taste the rainbow! But before you start painting one wall bright red (you know who you are!) consider a clean design of white walls, layered with pops of energetic color. You will still make a bold statement without being over whelmed by color.


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