Monday, May 9, 2011


We are going to take a short intermission from my "Where to Shop Besides Pottery Barn" project so I can reveal what I have been working on lately. Putting a room together takes time, sometimes longer then you anticipate. There are all sorts of obstacles to jump through with scheduling products and deliveries, so I apologize for not showing much of my work lately.

I finished this install this week and the talented Ms. Cate Williams took some great pictures. Cate does not have a blog I can link you to, so if you are interested in a very charming and talented photographer just let me know! I will give details on the break down later.




  1. OMG, I absolutely love this blog now! I saw it on q.a design ... you are awesome at interior design ... i want to work with for my (future) apartment!!

  2. Beautiful design, Ashley. I love everything about this space. A new follower, I just added you to my daily reads! Keep up the good work!


  3. It looks gorgeous and so fun!
    I am ready to move in.
    Good work Ashley!

  4. I just added this picture to one of my pin board on Pinterest, I love the design of this space! I know its been a few years since the room was completed, but do you remember what rug you used in the space?

  5. Hi Ashley, I love this! What can you tell me about the railings? I'd like to do something similar in my house.

  6. Hi there! I love your space. Where did you get your coffee tables?



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