Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best $1 I Ever Spent

My wonderful husband and I had a romantic, cheap date at the Dollar Movies. Yes!! I really love love movies and I love love movies even more when they cost $1 .... it doesn't take much to keep this girl happy.

The Dollar Movies are great because if the movie was Oscar worthy, I feel like it was the best dollar I have ever spent. But if the movie was poor, I only spent a dollar, so I don't feel like I want the last two hours of my life back! However, I do want my dollar back!

On this particular romantic movie date I would have wanted my dollar back. I do not recommend THE DILEMMA with Vince Von! I apologize for readers that love Vince Von. My husband loves him, but I just don't get the humor. As I was saying I would have wanted my dollar back IF they did not showcase the fabulous loft Vince and Jennifer Connelly shared.

I tried to Google images of the loft as soon as I got home to share, but nothing could be found. Shame! So I had my husband download the entire movie so I could take this one screen shot. It does not do it justice, but trust me it is the perfect mix of contemporary and rustic vintage.

I love :)

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