Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Decor and a Sleeping Husband

Since Travis and I are limited on storage, I had to go inexpensive and disposable on Halloween decor. It is amazing what a little spray paint, black duck tape, construction paper and MARTHA STEWART can do.

Best part is I only spent $10 and that included the black spray paint.
Come November I can throw it all away and start new next year.

Here are some other creative inexpensive ways to bring evil spirits to your home for Halloween

Thanks Martha!


  1. sooo fun! good job. I had to laugh at that picture of tracy. little sleepy guy. You ahve been busy! I can't wait to get our halloween stuff out and get busy decorating. I think those rats on the staircase were my favorite of the inspiration pictures. what a cool idea.

  2. tracy?? I meant travy. woops! ha ha

  3. cute ideas! way creepy on the last one! :)



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